Before I begin, if there’s one thing I want you  to know about me, and then I’ll really get into the whole “About” spiel, it’s that I operate from a place of honesty and so I want this space to be filled with nothing but that.

No seriously, can you honestly recall the last time someone kept it all the way “100” with you? It’s rare these days, so the Quid Pro Quo here is, I give you gems on fashion, motherhood, beauty, hair, love etc. (remember I’m no expert, but I’ve acquired some knowledge throughout my years) and all I ask of you is honest feedback in return. Deal? Ok, cool. Now that we laid that out…

I’m Sydney, welcome to my blog! Posh Syd is the moniker I developed for myself back in 2012 when I decided to create an Instagram page. I’d been considered this stylish, confident girl since H.S., so when it was time to create an Instagram name, Posh Syd just seemed fitting! Since creating my Instagram pg. I started my natural hair journey, a YouTube channel to document and amassed a few thousand supporters between both social media sites. In the interim I had a very tough breakup and had my beautiful baby girl. As a result, ever so often I’d write these super long IG captains to express my thoughts but it just simply wasn’t enough…

I needed a space, MY SPACE, to share tips and experiences in hopes that I could encourage, motivate and connect with likeminded individuals – there birthed poshsyd.com. This is my baby (well, other baby lol) and my hope is each time you visit this site you leave with a little more than you arrived with.

So cheers to fashion finds, hair tutorials, mom-life, love etc. Cheers to becoming cyber BFF’s. Cheers to US.

About Me

I’d like to think I’m a mixture of Beyoncé and Solangé. A fro loving, singing (only in the shower), stylish, no-nonsense, Proverbs 31 woman and mama. I have an amazing 1 yr old daughter named, Shiloh. I currently reside in PA, but I’ll forever be a Brooklyn girl. I love seafood and if you buy me a caramel iced coffee with cream, sugar, whipped cream and caramel drizzle, I’ll love you forever ☺️

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